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The Rancho Buena Vista High School PATRONS is an organization of parents that provides support to our high school's Honors Program.


For information about RBV's Honor Program, please visit the high school's Honors website.

Dear Patrons, Parents and Students,

Our Holiday Silent Auction, scheduled for December 6th, is quickly approaching. One of our largest fundraisers of the year, the auction funds scholarships for AP and IB exams and Senior Scholarships. Teachers, staff, parents, Patrons and friends all have the opportunity to bid on donated items.

I am requesting your help in finding donations for this auction. Your businesses, employers, personal contacts, and places that you frequent are great sources for donations. Patrons volunteers have contacted many of our local businesses but a personal connection with these organizations increases our success in receiving donations. PATRONS is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Donors will receive a receipt with our Tax ID Number and mention on our website.

Some items that do well in this auction are gift cards to restaurants and stores, concert or theatre tickets, personal services, gift items or various gift baskets.

If you can donate or help find donations, it would be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to arrange for an item to be dropped off, please contact Tracy Carter at rbvpatrons@gmail.com (or call or text at 760-917-9062).

We kindly request all donations be received by Sunday, November 25th.

Thank you to those who have dropped off donations already!

Thank you.


The Patrons

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Board Positions and Webmaster Position Available

We are seeking people who are interested in filling Board and webmaster positions for the school year 2018-2019. For information, please contact Tracy Carter, at rbvpatrons@gmail.com.