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The Rancho Buena Vista High School PATRONS is an organization of parents that provides support to our high school's Honors Program.


For information about RBV's Honor Program, please visit the high school's Honors website.

Become an AP/IB Exam Proctor

Dear Parents and Friends of RBV,

Interested in supporting our students with their academic goals? Interested in keeping IB and AP testing available to our students at Rancho Buena Vista? Then become a testing proctor! We rely on parent and community volunteers to offer AP and IB testing at RBV and to keep the costs as low as possible.

Students at Rancho Buena Vista HS are taking the AP/IB exams in the month of May. Patrons, who organize proctors for these tests, are asking parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, neighbors and alumni to help us with this huge undertaking. This year we have more than 700 students taking more than 1000 tests. The school cannot do this alone, as RBV teachers are needed in their classrooms, so we are asking for anyone who can to volunteer.

Proctoring involves reading the test instructions to the students (Lead Proctor), organizing the students as they come into the room, making sure they have what they need (pen, pencil, tissue, etc.) and maintaining quiet.

Click on the link above to sign up. Just be aware when signing up that testing rules prohibit immediate family members from proctoring the same test their student is taking.

Any questions can be emailed to: rbvpatrons@gmail.com

Patrons Calendar school year 2018-19-rev3.pdf